Villa des Parfums Live Digital Event & Smelling Kit

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Sunday, May 31 @ 10:00 AM (PST)

THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT.  Please watch out for more live events and workshops in the coming month.

We’re honored to present a live event with Nicole Derieux of Villa des Parfums in Grasse, France. Nicole will tell us about her two beautiful perfumes, Toujours Espoir and Etoile Celeste, which were created by the French heritage fragrance house, Molinard.

Before the event, you'll be sent a raw materials smelling kit of key notes and accords that are found in Toujours Espoir and Etoile Celeste and samples of the finished Villa des Parfums fragrances. The kit contains authentic perfume materials to smell as Nicole guides us through the composition of each scent.

We’ll learn more about the history of the house and their relationship with Molinard, and will explore the Grasse region with a video tour of this year’s rose harvest. Nicole will also introduce her perfumery’s mission to fund Parfum de Vie, a non-profit organization that provides educational support for marginalized children in Grasse.

Tickets are $30, which includes the perfume samples, raw materials smelling kit, and a $30-OFF coupon that can be used when you purchase a full bottle of Villa des Parfums perfume afterwards. Smelling kits can also be used for layering on skin to create your own favorite combinations.  

The 14 raw materials in the kit are rose de mai absolute (Rosa centifolia), rose oil (Rosa damascena), rose accord, jasmine absolute, bergamot oil, peony accord, pink pepper oil, patchouli oil, Velvione musk, orange flower absolute, cinnamon bark oil, vetiver oil, heliotrope (powder) and vanilla oleoresin.

Participants are encouraged to send questions in advance, upon receipt of the perfume samples and raw materials smelling kit. Tell us what you’d like to know about Villa des Parfums, Parfum de Vie, Grasse and the composition of these lovely scents. A link to the event will be sent after you sign up.

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