LARŌ Discovery Set

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This is a great way to experience the entire LARŌ natural fragrance collection by perfumer Loreto Remsing. It includes the following 11 fragrances:

1. Big Sur
2. Bourbon
3. Chanteuse
4. Daphne
5. Kauai Pikake
6. Kush
7. Nick
8. Rambling Man
9. Shanti
10. Stargazer Lily
11. Yellow Rose

The LARŌ Discovery Set comes packaged in a black tin. Each vial is intentionally half-filled with 1mL of fragrance in an eau de toilette concentration. Menu with detailed notes and descriptions included.

Ingredients: All-natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Created by perfumer Loreto Remsing of Marin County, California.

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