Fragrant Anointing Balms Workshop
  • Fragrant Anointing Balms Workshop
  • Fragrant Anointing Balms Workshop

Fragrant Anointing Balms Workshop

Tigerlily Perfumery

$ 150.00

July 21 from 1:00 - 4:30
973 Valencia Street, SF

From the infamous Witches’ Flying Ointment to divinatory unguents made of rose, oud, immortelle and labdanum, infusions of herbs and aromatic materials have been combined into solid mediums to aid practitioners and the curious alike in their rituals and explorations for millennia.

In this fragrant workshop,  students will explore the foundations of creating ointments and solid perfumes using fragrant materials and infused oils with Mauricio Garcia of Herbcraft Perfumery.

Techniques and lore regarding both fragrance creation and botanical intelligences will be explored. After discussing and experiencing essential oils,  absolutes and infusions from Mauricio’s workbench, students will create a balm of their own design under the instructor’s guidance, to serve whatever purpose they desire.

More about Mauricio:

Mauricio Garcia is a perfumer, designer, certified aromatherapist and practitioner of traditional witchcraft based in San Francisco. His fascination with the botanical world began in his Abuela’s small, yet flourishing garden in foggy South San Francisco. Through Herbcraft Perfumery, Mauricio teaches classes on natural perfumery and medical aromatherapy, as well as formulates bespoke enchantments and fragrances for individuals and indie product lines.

The union of the material and spirit worlds is the heart of Herbcraft— a crossroads of alchemy and spirit work. Mauricio also gives talks and workshops on ‘fragrant witchcraft,’ the use of botanical materials in magic and ritual, and the exploration of the relationship between practitioner, plant spirits and botanical geniuses. He has lectured at the Institute for Art & Olfaction, Scarlet Sage Herb Co. and will speak at Modern Witches Confluence 2019.

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