Floral Accords Workshop
  • Floral Accords Workshop
  • Floral Accords Workshop
  • Floral Accords Workshop
  • Floral Accords Workshop

Floral Accords Workshop


$ 195.00

Sunday, March 28 @ 10am via Zoom

Designed to complement our Remote Introductory Perfumery Workshop, the Floral Accords Workshop narrows our focus to the blending of key floral accords. Taught by perfumer and aromatherapist, Mauricio Garcia of Herbcraft Perfumery, the workshop will also feature a "guest perfumer" Ineke Rühland, classically trained and bringing years of professional and niche perfumery experience. 

During this remote workshop, students will explore and utilize natural and human-made floral ingredients, learn the history behind this floral fragrances and refine their abilities to harmoniously blend ingredients together to create specific floral accords. 

Topics will include:

Background of the floral fragrance family (accompanied by spray samples of floral perfumes from our shop)

Origins and interesting lore of these ingredients

 Ingredients sustainability 

Strategies and tips for creating floral accords

 Experimentation with and formulas for creating a rose accord, jasmine accord and one unusual mystery flower

Students will be sent a Perfume Blending Kit prior to the workshop, which includes curated fragrance ingredients in glass dropper bottles, a beaker, pipettes, extra glass bottles for finished accords, test strips and floral perfume samples.

What is an accord? Similar to holding down several notes in music to create a chord, a perfume accord is a blend of multiple fragrance ingredients that creates a new and specific scent.

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