Dream Flora

Dream Flora


$ 50.00

What’s better than the delicious intimacy of a solid perfume? One with the texture of frosting. Raw shea butter is softened by hand, and then whipped into a decadent texture with grape seed oil (a by-product of the wine industry!) and the enchanted fragrances that are Herbcraft Perfumery's signature.

Pearlescent lily, jasmine, pale roses and brushes of Iris turn their faces to the moon in silent reflection, their dreams rising on fragrant wings. Sacred herbs of travel and sight tangle our visions with their flight: a dream of a garden on a winter’s night.

Notes: jasmine, lily, rose, iris, mugwort, tobacco, spice, oud accord, sandalwood accord and soft musk.

Limited edition.

Created by San Francisco-based perfumer, Mauricio Garcia.

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