Dirty Violet

Dirty Violet

Heretic Parfums

$ 95.00

The word gender translates loosely to kind, sort, or type. To gender something is to name it, put it in a box, and place a label on it so we can define it and create a set of expectations for it. But nature did not create gender, society did. At Heretic, they revel in the exquisite in-between, rejecting binary limitations and embracing exploration.

For this fragrance, they partnered with a brilliant entity living authentically in the undefined realm: the incomparable Violet Chachki. Dirty Violet is an alluring combination of all things feminine, masculine, all-of-the-above and none-of-the-above.

They chose a combination of ambiguous ingredients, including the mysterious violet—a scent that’s both simple and elegant, bold and subtle all at once, making dirty violet a particularly elusive fragrance that refuses to be defined.

Notes: violet leaf, jasmine sambac, orris, Turkish rose, patchouli, cedarwood, labdanum


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