Dirty Rose

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Heretic has discontinued Dirty Rose and we have one bottle left. Grab the last one before it disappears.

Heretic writes, "Not your traditional rose perfume, Dirty Rose shows the naughty side of this classic floral. An elevated blend of true aphrodisiacs, flirty florals, and roller coaster romance. Rose de mai and damask rose absolutes are juxtaposed with bergamot, spicy pink pepper, captivating cloves and juicy apricot for an utterly intoxicating, decadent blend. Created for the romantics and the heart breakers, the classics and the rule benders, this is a rose perfume you could run away with."

SEDUCTIVE & UPLIFTING. A true aphrodisiac that opens the heart to giving and receiving love.

CHAKRA: Heart & Sacral

ROSE OIL: Uplifting Aphrodisiac
BERGAMOT OIL: Energizing & Uplifting
PINK PEPPER EXTRACT: Energizing & Seductive

Notes: lemon, pepper, bergamot, geranium, clove, damask rose, black currant, tagetes, apricot.

Dirty Rose is 100% natural and cruelty-free.

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