Crafting Solid Perfume: Natural Botanical Workshop

Crafting Solid Perfume: Natural Botanical Workshop

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Sunday, November 18 | 11 - 2 PM | 973 Valencia Street, SF

In this natural perfumery workshop, students will explore the foundations of fragrance structure, scent and material families, and the craft of solid perfume making with natural perfumer Mauricio Garcia of Herbcraft Perfumery.

Mauricio is a natural perfumer and certified aromatherapist based in San Francisco. His fascination with the botanical world inspires fragrances that are a crossroads of folklore, fragrance techniques, herbalism and magic.

Students will leave the class with an understanding of the differences between perfume mediums, fragrance materials and evaluation methods. After discussing and experiencing natural materials from the Mauricio's workbench, students will design their own solid perfume under his guidance.

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