Bone Flower

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Tuberose-rich Bone Flower has just been launched by San Francisco-based perfumer, Mauricio Garcia. It's a limited edition batch of 13 bottles, signed and numbered. Once it's sold-out, it will disappear. 

Mauricio eloquently describes the fragrance and its inspiration as follows:

"The luminous spirit of tuberose blossoms sing their voiceless song to a full moon as pre-columbian Mesoamericans ritually harvest their fragrant flowers. Omixochitl is its name in this magical age: “Bone Flower.” 

Related to both agave and narcissus, the tuberose was sacred to the flower and fertility gods of ancient Mexico. However, the bone white flower only bloomed during the months in which the Goddess of Death was venerated, tying it to the Mesoamerican belief that all new life is made from old bones.

This tribute to the magic of tuberose blurs the space between what is and what was, what will be and what might be, just as the boundaries between life and death, decay and fertility are blurred. Use this spirit of sacred flowers, resins, spices and silk in work honoring ancestors, the moon, transitions and old gods."

All full-size bottles will be accompanied by a 1.5ml spray sample. (The full-size bottles are refundable only if they haven't been sprayed.)

Let us know your favorite/lucky number between 1 and 13, and we'll see if we can accommodate.The first two bottles in the series have hand-painted caps (painted caps are now sold out). 

Notes: tuberose, lemon, guava,  Mexican marigold leaves, laurel, myrrh, spun sugar, silky musk†

†synthetic reconstitution of an endangered species or animal ingredient

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