Best Sellers of 2021 Discovery Set

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We're delighted to announce that Cherry Punk, Mandarino, Snowy Owl, Sundowner and Vanagloria are the fantastic five new stars of our Best Sellers of 2021 Discovery Set, which includes 5 x 1.5ml high quality spray samples of the scents we introduced in 2021 that soared to the top:

Cherry Punk: A knockout combination of boozy cherry cola with leather and a sneaky hint of a smoldering ashtray. Addictive and downright sexy.

Mandarino: This refined minimalist composition of Italian mandarin, blackcurrant and white musk is a sunny celebration of Italy and the uplifting beauty of citrus.

Snowy Owl: The zingy mint opening energizes a blend of snowdrops, muguet and iris before coconut and vanilla blanket the landscape in soft winter whites.

Sundowner: A deep dose of tobacco leads, but before too long it melts into a long-wearing signature ambery blend of patchouli, tonka, ambergris and vanilla. 

Vanagloria: Vanilla bean folded into layers of warm leather and mystical frankincense. On some a gourmand incense, on others a deliciously naughty suede.

Please note: only one set is available per person.

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