Asphalt Rainbow

Asphalt Rainbow


$ 100.00

Floral | Small Batch | Brooklyn, NY

the arc of Asphalt Rainbow twists and unfolds like the lifecycle of street art tags: a bold interpretation of a rose accord that gradually distorts and morphs over time, presented as a fragmented flower that dances up walls and down alleyways, until, inevitably, fading to background.

Asphalt Rainbow asks the question: What happens when a graffiti artist’s spray cans are replaced with the perfumer’s organ of ingredients and applied to the skin? Borrowing from techniques  (e.g. aerosol, wheatpaste, ink, stickers…) used by underground street artists, the fragrance is an exploration of the beauty of olfactive distortion: a means of defying preconceptions about everyday materials in perfumery by intentionally manipulating and disrupting expectations of their natural order of progression and impact (i.e. the scent of dewy rose petals ghosting well into the heart of the fragrance). Furthermore,

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