Live Digital Event with Chris Collins

Live Digital Event with Chris Collins

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Sunday, August 2 @ 10am PT on Zoom

We're thrilled to present a live digital event with the wonderful Chris Collins, Founder and Creative Director of the elegantly luxurious niche fragrance house, World of Chris Collins.

We'll visit Chris at his Harlem, NYC brownstone, where he'll walk us through his beautiful fragrances, many of which were inspired by the rich history and modern renaissance of the area. As a special treat, we'll also be the first to smell two upcoming WOCC releases and the key ingredients they were built around.

Chris will tell us about his journey into the world of perfumery, including a chance meeting with Kilian Hennessy (who became his mentor), studying in Grasse, France and the deeply talented French perfumers he collaborates with.

Tickets are $35 and include the World of Chris Collins sample set with 6 spray samples, samples of the 2 unreleased fragrances, and 2 key perfumery ingredients for each unreleased fragrance. Samples and a Zoom invitation will be delivered the week of the event.

Order your ticket and samples by EOD Tuesday, July 28th. 

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