Elements of the set, actors, even leading actors, constantly change for every scene of an opera. Similarly, we can change the "masks" we wear in our daily lives (our look, lifestyle, friendships, the tone of our voice and our mannerisms), yet we could never part from our innermost-self.

With Masque Fragranze, Alessandro and Riccardo do not intend to create a myth, a best-seller, a one-size-fits-all perfume for everyone. Rather, they aim at creating a collection of perfumes with a soul: each one unique.

Perfumes to wear like a second skin—the perfume behind the mask. Is there an actor able to relate to every possible role with conviction? A musician able to play every single musical style with authenticity? Then there can be no nose able to represent every single scene of the opera. The fragrances of Masque are meant to have a soul, and the perfumer's challenge is to give life to our scene. Hence, every scene will have “its” nose.

Act I
A collection of experiences, discoveries, places and journeys.

Act II
Interior monologues, emotions, deep thoughts and inner reflections—lights and shadows of human nature.

Sentimental relationships, romance and love, affections and betrayals.

Act IV
Dreams. The world of the most bizarre, improbable and fascinating reveries