Black Solstice

Black Solstice


$ 50.00

What’s better than the delicious intimacy of a solid perfume? One with the texture of frosting. Raw shea butter is softened by hand, and then whipped into a decadent texture with grape seed oil (a by-product of the wine industry!) and the enchanted fragrances that are Herbcraft Perfumery's signature.

The low song of a shadowed, forested mountain is carried on the breath of the winter solstice, across evergreen needles and frosted planes, to the warm light of fire cast across sparkling snow. Dark, creamy chocolate sweetened with a touch of vanilla envelops you like a shroud, the stars and cocoa the only promises of a dawn to end the longest night of the year.

Notes: bergamot, mint, silver fir, fir balsam, black hemlock, cedarwood, pinewood, cocoa, smoke and sustainable vanilla.

Limited edition.

Created by San Francisco-based perfumer, Mauricio Garcia.

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