Süleyman Le Magnifique

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The Ottoman dynasty is revived in the form of a monarch... Süleyman the magnificent reigned as Sultan for 46 years during the "Golden Age" of the Ottoman empire when the kingdom was at the height of grandeur, enlightenment and prosperity.

He was revered as one of the most influential Sultans and was dubbed "Kanuni" or lawmaker. However, it was his controversial all-consuming love affair to his beloved consort Hurrem Sultan (Roxelana) that distinguishes Suleyman from the other Sultans.

A lawmaker, yet defying tradition. An imposing military commander, yet a romantic poet. These conflicting attributes are embodied in this fragrance using the animalic scent of agarwood contrasted with the sweetness of rose, musk and amber. A contradiction, yet harmoniously combined to create a tribute to one of the greatest Sultans who ever lived.

Notes: Turkish galbanum, amber, musk, benzoin, patchouli, vetiver, oud Mustafa No.6 with cords of leather, iris and marmalade, West Indian sandalwood, rose, tuberose, vanilla, ambergris, cinnamon and red apple. 

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